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By taking a thorough analytics audit of your website Walter Analytics’ experts can provide you with bespoke recommendations to help you harness your website’s potential. We’re also adept at training teams to use a wide range of marketing software so that you can better understand your website’s performance. We offer comprehensive website analytics audits, tagging audits and implementation to help you reach your business goals. Our team of marketing experts can also set up dashboards for you and train you to use marketing software such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio.

By identifying where your website isn’t reaching its potential, our comprehensive website analytics audit and bespoke marketing solutions can help you boost the return on your marketing spend. Turn your web data into dollars with Walter Analytics’ expert team. For your bespoke website analytics audit and marketing solutions, please contact us.

Our team of marketing experts can provide you with a comprehensive audit of your Google Analytics data. Using this data, our team can help you identify opportunities for growth, benchmark your existing marketing campaigns and set up dashboards and advanced reporting analytics.

We can train your team to use Google Analytics so that you’ll be able to tell where your business isn’t reaching its potential online. For your bespoke website analytics audit and marketing solutions, please contact us.

Walter Analytics offers a comprehensive tagging and tracking audit of your website. Knowing what tags your website is using is important. By identifying, tidying and optimising the tags you’re using, you can ensure you’re adhering to current privacy laws, optimise your website speed and collect useful data about your site visitors.

Our team can train you to use Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager is an online application that simplifies website tagging. It enables you to easily manage your website tags from a central dashboard. Our team will show you how to set up new tags, delete old ones and manage all your existing tags from one Google Tag Manager dashboard.

 Walter Analytics’ tagging audit can help you ensure you’re adhering to legal frameworks such as GDPR and other privacy laws to ensure your website is following best practice guidelines. We also offer this service to agencies on a white label basis.

For your bespoke tagging audit and Google Tag Manager training, please contact us.

We’re experts at Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio is a powerful dashboard platform that integrates with many Google and third-party services and provides businesses with easy-to-understand reports on their data. 

By harnessing your business’ data in this way, you can easily identify trends, patterns and behaviours of your customers and use this information to inform your future business decisions. Walter Analytics’ team of experts can help you plan, set up and customise a Google Data Studio dashboard so you can optimise your business’ data.

For your bespoke Google Data Studio set up and training, please contact us.

Zapier can help you automate your marketing reporting and lead-tracking systems. By integrating your website and marketing systems, you can optimise your time and focus on other more important tasks. 

Walter Analytics’ team of experts can help you automate your work and save your team dozens of hours of data analysis by training them to use Zapier. Through unlocking reporting and optimisation opportunities you can focus on reaching your business goals.

For your bespoke Zapier training, please contact us.

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics (GA). Previously known as ‘App + Web’, Google Analytics 4 succeeds Universal Analytics, the dominant GA version for the past eight years. Unlike Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 can be used for a website, app or both.

Since the start of 2021, all new GA accounts have been Google Analytics 4. However, it’s still possible to create a Universal Analytics property. You may even have multiple Universal Analytics accounts and be considering making the move to Google Analytics 4 – a process that’s not as well documented as we think it should be.

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