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Generate more income through leads.

Lead Acquisition.

Since 2012, Walter Analytics has been partnering with businesses to buy paid traffic and multiply it into revenue. If you work in a business with a customer lifetime value (CLV) greater than $1,500, then we can probably help you generate a better return on your marketing dollars.

We currently manage several million dollars per year in Google Ads spend for a diverse range of clients. If you're spending over $10k a month and are not getting the results you want, hit the Get Started button below, and let's chat about how we can help you. We have generated over 30 million dollars in revenue for clients and are happy to show you case studies on request.

We manage Google Ads accounts spending more than $10,000 per month. If you’re spending less than $10,000, we can offer you a one time audit to identify opportunities for better performance.

Our Google Ads management is typically billed as:

  • Flat fee based
  • Commission based
  • Performance based

We have managed accounts in many areas including Financial Services, Health, Retail, Ecommerce, Professional Services & SaaS. We also work with a number of clients who have a portfolio of brands and want a central management and reporting solution, we are happy to combine our $10k minimum across multiple accounts for your business.

We work with our Google Ads clients to improve their conversion rates. A great website conversion rate can make a campaign very profitable, while a poor one can make it barely break even or lose money. We use various qualitative and quantitive audit techniques to understand why a website is converting in a certain way, and then work with clients to improve performance. Investing in conversion rate optimisation is crucial for any business who is investing any money in digital marketing.

Do you know your customer lifetime value? How much should you be paying for a new customer? Most businesses see marketing as a cost, and don’t link it to revenue generation as they should. If every new customer is worth $1,500 to your business and you only need to pay $200 to obtain then, then you would want to scale that campaign as much as possible. We work with clients to analyse how much their customers are worth, and how much they are (and should be) paying for them at each stage of the customer acquisition funnel.

Clients we’ve helped generate leads:

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