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Google Analytics 4 Migration & Training

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics (GA). Previously known as ‘App + Web’, Google Analytics 4 succeeds Universal Analytics, the dominant GA version for the past eight years. Unlike Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 can be used for a website, app or both.

Since the start of 2021, all new GA accounts have been Google Analytics 4. However, it’s still possible to create a Universal Analytics property. You may even have multiple Universal Analytics accounts and be considering making the move to Google Analytics 4 – a process that’s not as well documented as we think it should be.

Here at Walter Analytics, we can see why you might be finding the migration process to Google Analytics 4 confusing. Apart from official Google resources, there’s a distinct lack of straightforward info manuals and tutorials about moving to Google Analytics 4.

That being so, you will need to migrate over to Google Analytics 4 at some point. At this stage, our recommendation to clients is to create a new Google Analytics 4 property alongside your existing Universal Analytics property. Start using Google Analytics 4 to set up goals/other events and to capture data. Eventually, you’ll be able to transfer your production reporting and data links (e.g. Google Ads etc.) to Google Analytics 4. However, this functionality is still a few months away from being stable.  

The team of marketing experts at Walter Analytics have already worked with numerous Google Analytics 4 properties. We’ve found that clients who already have an operational Universal Analytics technology stack and process find a gradual migration process to Google Analytics 4 works best for them.

Walter Analytics’ Google Analytics 4 & Universal Analytics Services

Walter Analytics offers the following support services:

For existing websites

  1. Google Analytics 4 setup based on your existing Universal Analytics configuration

Includes all conversions, events and other reports that you currently use in your workflow. This allows you to gradually migrate to Google Analytics 4 once you are comfortable with the platform and have some past data to work with.

  1. Training your internal teams on how to use Google Analytics 4

We cover all the main aspects of using Google Analytics 4 so that you and your team can use the platform with confidence. We can also tailor our training to using the Google Analytics 4 functionality that you use everyday in your workflow.   

For new websites

  1. Fresh Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics setup for your new website

Start your new website the right way with the support of the knowledgeable team at Walter Analytics

For more information or to get started with one of our packages, please contact the friendly team at Walter Analytics.