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The Client

Hydralyte Australia Facebook page grows by 20,000 fans in under 5 months
Hydralyte is a scientifically formulated, over the counter oral rehydration solution for the effective treatment of dehydration. As an Australian market leader for over 10 years, Hydralyte in 2014 has expanded into Canada with its sights set for North America in early 2015.



  • To discover what digital marketing investments would be most beneficial to drive an increase in sales and brand awareness.


Our Solution

Walter Analytics conducted a digital landscape audit in order to assess current marketing spend, focusing on strategies that would result in the greatest ROI. We focused primarily on a search audit, testing what design and content opportunities would be most beneficial in optimising SEO, also analysing social media strategies and community opportunities.


  • Update and create meaningful site content that reflects the core needs of the customer to improve SEO.
  • Suggested site design changes to increase conversion rate
  • Implement new Social Media strategies to connect with real fans to increase website traffic and reach
  • Implement new measurable digital advertising strategies
  • Optimize the use of Google Analytics to create data driven insight reports and measure interactions with the page such as playing videos


The Hydralyte Australia Facebook page grew by 20,000 fans in under 5 months based on targeted content and advertising strategy on the platform. Website traffic increased by 35% after several measurable digital campaigns were implemented.


Following our recommendations, we have continued to work with Hydralyte in a consulting capacity to continuously strengthen their data-driven digital strategies in line with industry updates.


Hydralyte’s Project Management Officer Jonny O’Brien discusses how digital has influenced Hydralyte’s business decisions in 2014.

As a listed TGA therapeutic good, Hydralyte has adapted a more conservative public communications strategy that adheres to industry regulations. Hydralyte’s Project Management Officer Jonny O’Brien expressed that Hydralyte’s most common form of communication has been traditional in the form of print and television media.


Moving into the digital space in 2014, developing an advisory relationship with Walter Analytics, Hydralyte has been able to untap the success of the digital market, pushing consumer education online through the use of social media.


“Walter Analytics has helped us achieve the growth we wanted in our digital platform, mostly widening our eyes to what is possible, providing services as a middle man between developers and the company to specifically assisting us in optimising our Google AdWords and Social Media campaigns.”


O’Brien attributes their greatest digital achievement in 2014 to the transformation of Hydralyte’s TVC assets into YouTube advertisements, “23% of our viewers finish our 30-second pre-roll advertisement, it has been a fantastic campaign.”


Looking forward to 2015, O’Brien believes that data and analytics will play a large part in influencing their business decisions as the company continues to grow, “In 2015 Analytics will play a large part in deciding how to distribute our budget, able to justify through digital analytics which campaign will best serve our customer.”

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