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The Client

Creative Digital Agency PENSO engaged Walter Analytics as an analytical associate, wishing to provide their client Marhaba with an external digital audit to provide measurable benchmarks of comparisons between the old and new web designs. Marhaba is an exclusive airport service located in the Dubai International Airport. Marhaba’s ability to effectively communicate via digital platforms is critical when connecting with travelling clients.

Marhaba’s Objective

  • Develop data-driven online strategies based on specific intentions and behaviour is integral to increase conversions through effective form completion and communication.
  • Analyse the behaviour and intentions of site visitors to identify conversion opportunities for a new website design.
  • Create comparative data-driven benchmarks to track and analyse new key performance measurements.

Our Solution

We conducted a digital marketing audit using A/B testing, user simulation, and advanced behavioural data analysis. We were able to profile users through an advanced analytics audit.


Implement advanced behavioural tracking codes into web development. Configure website design to create a seamless, error-free and simple experience for users to increase conversion rates. Create advanced Google Analytics performance indicators to track suggested improvements.


Our partner was able to implement our recommendations and insightful findings based on the supported data strategy.

“Whilst we look to achieve much of this ourselves, it is of great benefit having a partner like Walter Analytics to give us best practice guidance in many of these areas in order to maximise the effectiveness of our work across channels.” – PENSO CEO Constantine Frantzeskos

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