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The Client

Over 100,000 website visitors in the first 12 months

Good Super has a vision – daring to imagine what could be achieved if superannuation aimed to actually make the world a better place. Their immediate goal was to increase membership growth through their existing digital platforms amidst a highly competitive market.


  • Increase the number of members who join the super­annuation fund.
  • Develop results-driven measurable framework to monitor mar­keting ROI.

Our Solution

In order to assist Good Super in achieving these objec­tives, we conducted an Analytics and Search Audit including website data analysis, market analysis, user-flow mapping, and determined the optimal cost to advertise and gain customers. We implemented conversion optimization through A/B testing, constantly measuring marketing spend and ROI of all channels.


  • Create a Google Adwords Campaign
  • Optimise the website content and design process to improve form completion, increasing membership con­version rates
  • Implement an advanced Google Analytics framework to create data-driven insight reports


  • Over 100,000 website visitors in the first 12 months
  • 12,000 new members
  • 30-50% increase in landing page conversion rate in an intense 3 month testing period
  • 9% increase in form comple­tion through the implementation of an automated abandonment follow-up process
  • Several Number 1 paid Google Search results for marquee keywords

Dr Aaron Ping D’Souza Executive Chairman shares Good Supers digital success story.

“I constantly have media people coming into my office pitching me to advertise via traditional channels such as television or print and I say to them, I want a data-driven and conversion-focused marketing campaign, and they can’t give that to me.” 


Good Super Chairman Dr Aron Ping D’Souza has successfully fronted not only Australia’s first social impact fund but also formed Australia’s first superannuation fund with an all-digital application process, digital is at the core of everything they do.


Forming a close relationship with Walter Analytics prior to Good Super having a name, both companies have worked in close proximity to develop results-driven business goals. “Neil and his team have been deeply involved in the creation and improvement of the product and the website at every single step of the process, and it’s hard to imagine what the Good Super product would be without Walter Analytics.”


“We’re constantly iterating on our business goals and pivot on a daily basis, it’s always informed by data,” Dr D’Souza says. “I can’t see a business operating any other way – well I can’t see a business that I operate, operating any other way.”


In 2014, Good Super has attributed their greatest achievement as having created a superannuation product that is paperless, Dr D’Souza claiming, “No-one ever thought that it was possible, no-one ever thought that superannuation could be this cutting edge. So to create a product that is easy to use, from a consumers perspective as well as being very efficient to operate from an administrative perspective has been a huge achievement.”

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