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EmployEase Case Study


The Client

EmployEase is a registered training organisation that has been providing training in Aged Care and Disability Courses for over 20 years. Based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, EmployEase has established a strong brand and training reputation amongst clients and industry.

The Challenge

EmployEase had ventured into the digital marketing space in the previous five years with limited success. After trying to optimise SEO and run other campaigns, EmployEase was ready to abandon digital marketing and rely on more traditional channels such as print and outdoor which were declining in reach.

However, Walter Analytics undertook analysis and highlighted short and medium-term opportunities for digital growth through SEO, SEM, website optimisation, and other channels.


Our Solution

Walter Analytics undertook an initial report which examined SEO and website optimisation opportunities. The report also uncovered further opportunities for digital growth including SEM and other channels.

Following the report, Walter Analytics helped EmployEase implement some recommendations working with existing suppliers and the internal team.

This implementation accompanied a more intense period of work where Walter Analytics helped implement a digital customer acquisition system to increase the number of conversions and effectiveness of the EmployEase digital marketing strategy.


  • To understand digital marketing growth opportunities
  • To improve client acquisition results
  • To prioritise and implement opportunities based on likely gains and cost
  • To establish a strong digital presence to complement the existing strong offline brand presence


EmployEase received a significant increase in new leads per week coming through the website from the campaigns which translated to higher than expected revenue growth. EmployEase was able to focus the marketing budget to the campaigns and marketing channels that were bringing in the most efficient results, diverting some existing offline marketing spend to other activities.

Walter Analytics has continued to work with EmployEase in an ongoing capacity to strive for continually improving results.

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