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Using Data Analytics to Get More Out of Customer Service

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Using Data Analytics to Get More Out of Customer Service

Data analytics could be the number one source for stronger and better customer service. Companies are tracking their customers on all public digital channels to tailor better offers and services for them. Customer service issues shouldn’t be different, data analytics and insights can step in to make this service better.

The way for a better CRM

Customer Relationship Management Systems have their analytics in place but for a better CRM experience integrating multiple metrics can kick-boost the user experience. The key is to deliver a more personalized offer to customers and solve their issues promptly. By tracking your individual customers’ product or service usage, you can relate instantly and resolve issues and get personalized offers in just seconds for them. Integrating data analytics into a CRM system will help the customer service agents to see an individual customer, not ‘just a customer.’ Analytics should be the primary support for customer service.

Turning digital into a power source

Customer satisfaction surveys, call transcripts and instant feedbacks on calls generate an immersive amount of data for customer services. By leveraging the digital world, social media and digital analytics, customers become highly customized concerning customer service. But using digital analytics to get better offers and promotions are not just the largest source of power. Digital analytics can also help to prevent customer service issues. With the extensive knowledge on customer satisfaction online, companies can use digital analytics to identify customers’ concerns and frequent issues with a product or a service. With this knowledge, companies can prevent and proactively solve issues or improve performance without even using customer service resources. The best customer service issue is the one that never emerges.


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