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Top 3 Digital Analytics Trends To Watch Out For in 2020

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Top 3 Digital Analytics Trends To Watch Out For in 2020

A faster WiFi, Artificial Intelligence, and advanced data analytics are the biggest trends to watch out for in the digital marketing sphere in the coming 2020.

 In 2019, digital marketing tools evolved to a stage wherein data analytics and IoT came together, augmented analytics had grown so much, and DataOps encouraged data-driven organisations to begin with a similar practice of testing their data pipelines to build trust and evolve best practices.

And so without further ado, here are the top 3 among the digital transformation trend in 2020:

5G for everyone: 5G will take the centre stage in the year of 2020. Some of the biggest names in telecommunications, like Qualcomm, AT & T, Verizon, Nokia, Ericson, and Huawei are making efforts for 5G to hit the ground running in 2020. In addition to bringing us all faster broadband speeds and more reliable mobile networks, the proliferation of 5G will also accelerate advancements in the smart city, smart vehicles, smart manufacturing, and scores of IoT-intensive technologies hungry for 5G. This means that about every industry will perform better by the technology evolution that will define 2020.

Analytics is a Competitive Advantage: The companies that don’t invest in analytics by 2020 probably won’t sustain in 2021. There is simply far too much relevant customer data to be collected, processed, and turned into insights for a company to remain competitive without making full use of modern analytics tools. Trusting your instincts alone just doesn’t work nowadays. Every major business is leveraging analytics tools to hold up with the advancements in identifying problems, opportunities, and solutions. That’s why we have to keep on updating and improving our analytics and be ready for the digital transformation coming 2020.

AI and Machine learning is a must-learn: Along with investing in analytics, you also need to invest in AI and machine learning to be able to process the complex and overwhelming amounts of information and data sets being given in the analytics phase. The importance of AI and machine learning to data analytics can be divided into three separate value propositions, such as speed, scale, and convenience. Speed and scale are the advantages of automating the analysis of massive data sets as opposed to human data analysts that may take several times. While on the convenience side, the addition of AI and machine learning to analytics tools have made them intuitive, easy to use, and much more reliable.

Indeed, 2020 has much to offer towards the advancements in the digital analytics sphere. The Walter Analytics team is always on its toes and on the lookout for relevant trends to determine how our clients can leverage them to grow their businesses.


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