A Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

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A Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

Why Use LinkedIn for Marketing?

  • To attract clients
  • To attract business opportunities
  • To establish authority in the industry
  • To build credibility
  • To generate inbound leads
  • To shorten HR process
  • To build create an online community of like-minded individuals in the industry
  • To get deals
  • To fill pipeline


Company Page Setup Checklist

  • Company Logo
  • Create and add company description
  • Make sure the company name matches the one in your profile
  • List your specialties
  • Add website link
  • Add company type
  • Add company size
  • Select industry
  • Add company status
  • Add your location
  • Add product or services as promotions
  • Delegate admin task to select team members
  • Invite connections to follow your company page

Personal Profile Setup Checklist

  • Profile Photo
  • Add Headline info
  • Add Summary info detailing what you want people to know about you such as your skills and what motivates you
  • Add Experience info detailing your list of jobs, responsibilities and accomplishments
  • Add Organisations info describing your activities such as clubs and organisations
  • Add Education info
  • Add Volunteer Experience & Causes info
  • Add Skills & Expertise info
  • Add Honours & Awards info
  • Add Courses info
  • Add Projects info
  • Ask classmates, professors, clients, and colleagues to write a recommendation for you. These will be featured in the Recommendations

Company Page Setup Checklist

  • Create Group Logo
  • Create a keyword-rich group name
  • Create a keyword-rich group description
  • Join relevant and active groups in your industry and participate in discussions
  • Create engaging content to share and post to your own group
  • Share your posts to other groups
  • Optimise the group owner profile
  • Optimise the profile of group managers

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

  • Use Sponsored Updates
  • Take advantage of influence marketing
  • Add visual content to your profile
  • Optimise your profile
  • Tag connections in your posts and encourage discussion
  • Develop relationships and not just add connections
  • Monitor your Publisher Stats
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn’s mobile app
  • Optimise your profile and company page for SEO
  • Build your visibility and authority through the Publishing Platform
  • Join relevant groups talking about your industry and take active part in discussions
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