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Cheat Sheet: Using Facebook Business Pages

While most users tend to overlook Facebook and prefer to use the much newer social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and the like; Facebook is still the platform of choice for most
businesses and organisations.

With its eCommerce features and its communication tools, it is a good platform to publish content, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and market your brand.


Why Use Facebook Business Pages

  1. You can reach a targeted audience.
  2. You can build loyalty among your audience.
  3. Facebook Business Pages lets you sell your merchandise with its eCommerce features.
  4. When done correctly, you can drive traffic to your website using your business page.
  5. You can reach a large share of mobile traffic and drive it to your website.

Content Strategy

Like any other content marketing strategy, your Facebook marketing strategy will depend on your brand and marketing needs. The post frequency, content format and type of content you will share will also be dependent on

Post Frequency

This highly depends on the available content that you have and you can share as well as how your audience use Facebook.

Content Format

  • Blog article
  • Images
  • Videos

Types of Content

  • Service or product promotion
  • Brand promotion
  • Polls, surveys, Q&A
  • Curated content
  • Your own content
  • Event promotion
  • Campaign promotion

Facebook Content Plan

Your content plan should reflect and consider the following:

  1. Your business goals
  2. Your brand identity
  3. Your tone of voice
  4. Your audience
  5. Your resources
  6. Your own available content


Define the tools you will need to manage your Facebook account, post status and measure your performance.

Facebook Page Setup Checklist

  • Upload optimised Cover Photo
  • Upload Profile Photo
  • Create optimised About Information
  • Add contact information such as email address, phone number, etc.
  • Add website information
  • Set vanity URL
  • Like other pages using your page

Facebook Page Marketing Tips

  1. Optimise your cover photo.
  2. Use a Profile Picture that reflects your brand.
  3. Optimise your “About” section to give a brief overview of your brand.
  4. Choose a call-to-action.
  5. Plan your posting schedule according to the best times to post on Facebook.
  6. Share your blog posts and make sure the meta descriptions are optimised.
  7. Post optimised visual content.

Facebook Business Page Dimensions

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