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LinkedIn Ads Startup Guide

Who should advertise on LinkedIn?

  • If you’re looking to hire people and would like to tap into LinkedIn’s network of professionals
  • If you have a product or service that is beneficial to individuals and/or businesses

B2B marketing is usually the #1 when it comes to using LinkedIn as a platform.

The Pros and Cons of Advertising on Linkedin


  • LinkedIn is best suited for B2B advertising because it’s a networking tool for professionals.
  • LinkedIn users are more welcoming of ads.
  • Targeting opportunities cater to a more detailed segment (job title, company name, industry, etc.) other than demographics.


  • Higher CPC price compared to others

This is understandable since you’ll be reaching out to high-value traffic.

The Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn (to Your Business)

  1. Tap into LinkedIn’s growing number of users
  2. You’ll be advertising to high-value traffic because it’s a network for professionals
  3. You have the freedom to target a wider range of audience and narrow down the categories

Type of Ads on LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn ads are the ones you see on the side or top of the page.
  2. Sponsored updates are the ones you see in the newsfeed beside organic posts which are used to promote your content.

Setting up an Ad

What you need

  1. LinkedIn account
  2. Target market persona
  3. Ad copy
  4. Visual content (optional)
  5. Video (optional)

Read about creating Marketing Personas here (link to page)

Getting Started

A LinkedIn Ad has the following elements:

  • Headline
  • Ad copy
  • Destination URL
  • Photo
  1. Log in to your LinkedIn Account. If you don’t have one yet, create one by following this link.
  2. Create an Ad Account on LinkedIn
  3. Select Text Ads
  4. Enter the campaign name and select your language
  5. Create your ad
  • Enter the URL of either your LinkedIn Page or your website
  • Enter your headline
  • Enter your ad copy
  • Add your image

NOTE: You can create variations of your ad for split testing

  1. Target your ad by adding in the elements of your marketing persona
  2. Enter how much you’re going to bid for the campaign.
  3. Approve your campaign.
  4. Enter your billing information
  5. Wait for LinkedIn to approve your campaign.

A Sponsored Content has 2 types:

  • Sponsored Updates where you create Company Updates to target LinkedIn users aside from your visitors and followers.
  • Direct Sponsored Content is like a Sponsored Update, but your ad will not show up on your Company Page. You can create your content using the Campaign Manager.