Introduction to Display Advertising

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Introduction to Display Advertising

Why Display Advertising?

To create demand

  • To target your ideal market
  • To increase traffic on your website
  • To build your brand
  • To marketing through retargeting/remarketing

Key Benefits of Display Advertising

The advantage of geo-targeting

  1. Your ads will be featured on websites
  2. Low marketing cost
  3. The ability to track your ad performance

 Is it effective? Should I be doing it?

Various studies have shown display advertising as relatively inconsequential. Depending on your business, your profit margin, and any other general digital marketing channel guidelines, display advertising mail may not be the most effective channel for you to pursue.


How does display advertising work?

Display advertising usually operates on a Pay per Click basis – the same as text based ads, and most online ads in general. Visual media, animated or static appears in a variety of different shapes, designed to fill different advertising spaces on webpages.

Most common are:

1. Leaderboards

The most common display ads, usually found at the top or bottom of a page. They stretch horizontally across the page.

2. Medium/large rectangles

These box-like ads are often used to interrupt text content. Paragraphs form around them. This placement is designed to optimise ad exposure.

3. Skyscraper ads

These ads usually run down the left or right side of a site.

How they work:

 websites get traffic

  • Advertisers pay for a placement – they pay per user click on their ad.
  • website owner gets paid
  • advertiser gets traffic which is primed due to their visual media content in the ad

On webpages, this is how things usually work. Social media platforms have capitalised on the advertising opportunities inherent in their captive audiences, including the utilisation of display advertising.

Display advertising, targeting and remarketing

There are a number of different advertising platforms and providers which offer possibilities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as regular web pages have all cottoned on to the monetisation possibilities inherent in their networks. What this means for us, as marketers is that each platform can be utilised to bring us traffic.

Of course, each platform and provider has offers which differ in terms of:

With targeting specificity of display advertising, there are two aspects: Traditional cold display, and remarketing. The former is simply showing your ad to any visitor of the page which contains the ad, or targeting based on predefined parameters such as age, gender, etc.

The latter, remarketing display, involves targeting ads, using the aforementioned parameters, at users based on past interaction or engagement with your business or message.

As an example, you can search for cameras on, and if you visit a news site which is partnered with Kogan’s advertising provider, you will likely see an ad for the camera you were looking at.