Creating a Great Content Marketing Strategy

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Creating a Great Content Marketing Strategy

Before all else, let’s clarify that Content Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy are not similar nor are they interchangeable.

Content Marketing Strategy is focused on strategically creating and publishing relevant content to engage, attract and drive the audience to successfully arrive to the completion of your marketing goals.

Content Strategy, on the other hand, is focused on strategically planning and organising resources with the goal of creating and delivering content to attain a business objective.


Read on if you’re looking to develop your own Content Marketing Strategy.

Benefits of Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

  • You direct inbound traffic to your site
  • You create brand awareness
  • It can potentially maximise your ROI
  • You build your reputation as a thought leader
  • You will be able to create content effectively

Define Your Goals

In an overall sense, your content should serve several purposes. You are providing value to your audience, through conversations on an individual level. This being said, your goals should include the following:

  • Inform & Educate
  • Build trust
  • Convince
  • Build familiarity
  • Attract prospects
  • Convert
  • Maintain good relationships
  • Nurture future relationships

This whole mind set is based on the idea of the discerning customer with myriad options. It is no longer simply the choice between the best priced options. It is about building relationships, no matter what you happen to be promoting.

Elements to Consider in Your Strategy

  • Your Audience Persona
  • Your Content Map
  • The platforms you will use
  • Your business goals
  • Your brand message
  • Your intention for developing and sharing your content
  • Your vision

Define Your Audience

Develop marketing personas and use them to create your content. A clear understanding of your audience will help you decide what content drives the most engagement and conversion.

Click here to download our Marketing Persona template.

Acquire Content Creation and Content Marketing Tools

Below are some of the general tools you may need:

  • CMS
  • Design Tools
  • Project Management Tools
  • Market Research Tools
  • Content Calendar Tools

Giving knowledge away for free – Why this is a trend

As the internet has evolved, it’s common for individuals and organisations to create content that is image-28-walteranalyticsgiven away for free. The thinking behind this is that publishing content and creating voice is effective in getting an audience to associate with a brand and pursue further communication with a brand. This section deals with an inbound marketing strategy.  This ties into your email and content marketing strategy as mentioned in previous sections.

The point behind giving away knowledge for free is this: When you provide more targeted, actionable value-filled content to your consumer, you become their authority. It builds rapport and a great image for the organisation. When it comes time to sell something to them, you are front of mind, and first into their wallet.

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