Predictive Analytics Tools and Calculators

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Predictive Analytics Tools and Calculators

predictive-analytics-tools-and-calculatorsPredictive Analytics is the use of historical data from sources to determine and identify future behaviours of your market.

The goal of predictive analytics is to use the insights derived from such analysis to optimise and improve their marketing thereby increasing their competitive advantage in the market.

Examples of Predictive Analytics Tools


IBM offers a predictive analytics platform which analyses patterns and trends and uses the data to predict future events.


  • It determines which costumers to target
  • It engages customers at the right time
  • It identifies which customers are high-value
  • It identifies new opportunities


Marketo is a marketing automation software for engaging and targeting prospects.


  • It tracks website visitors and determines what content they are most likely to engage with.
  • It has A/B Testing features.
  • It has a lead scoring feature they base off of customer profiles.


Domo is a management software used to integrate data from multiple sources into one view and create insights to help drive marketing decisions.


  • Data from multiple sources are combined in one view
  • View historical data
  • Create visual presentations from the data

Hearsay Social

Hearsay Social’s main focus is for B2B communications through social media.


  • It features a dashboard where you can manage your social media
  • It offers coaching


MobileROI’s main focus as a mobile relationship marketing platform is to optimise CRM.


  • It analyses opportunities and threats
  • It predicts customer behaviour
  • It automates engagement