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TV Attribution

Are your TV Ads effective in driving potential customers to your website? Are people more likely to search for our brand after seeing us on TV? Which of our TV ads are most effective?

Our TV attribution analysis looks to help you understand the importance of TV ads on your website traffic. We undertake an analysis of your web analytics data and connect this to the minutes when your TV ads were shown. We apply statistical models to understand the correlation between your ads being shown and additional website traffic. If possible, we recommend adjustments to your ad schedules for formal experimentation. The goal of TV Attribution is to give you a better calculation of the ROI of TV Ads and help you further invest advertising dollars in the most profitable way.


  • Must be running TV ads in at least a local market
  • Google Analytics or similar web analytics software with API functionality
  • At least 12 months of previous website analytics data
  • Ideally the website is a destination to sign-up as a customer/lead or transact in an eCommerce environment

Case Study
We were able to undertake a TV Attribution analysis for a prominent Australian TV Advertiser in 2015. We ran linear regression models to understand if there was an increase in visitors in the 5 minutes following an ad being shown. We were able to predict how many extra users had came to the website within the past 12 months from TV, how many signups this had lead to, and represent to the client visually using graphs the difference if they had not advertised. Our analysis also helped understand which advertising slots and networks were most effective for the client.

We recommended that the client follow-up with campaigns in specific capital cities one at a time to further investigate the effectiveness of TV advertising using other cities as a control. For interested potential clients, we can discuss more details including graphs with an NDA.

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