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Marketplace Analysis Potential


The Marketplace Analysis Potential (MAP) is designed for businesses who want a better understanding of their digital market, their competitors, and opportunities available to them online. The MAP focuses on understanding where your business sits in search, social, display advertising, and other marketing opportunities. The MAP uses private databases and our analysis process to explain in plain english the current standing of your website in your industry and those of your top competitors. We do not need access to client data including Google Analytics.

Questions answered include:

  • How successful am I in search compared to competitors?
  • What marketing channels are my competitors using that I should be?
  • How well am I using social media?
  • How much will it likely cost me to acquire a customer online?
  • How much might I be able to invest in digital channels?
  • Are there problems with my website that are affecting my results?
  • How can I allocate my digital budget according to these findings?

The report is presented as a slide deck. One of our consultants will call you to discuss the analysis and any follow-up recommendations.

The MAP costs $1000 Australian Dollars + 10% GST for Australian customers. You do not need to be an Australian company to order this analysis, and can transact with us by credit card. We provide bulk discounts for multiple brands, or clients from advertising/digital agencies. We also provide a bundle of the Marketing Opportunities Report and Marketplace Analysis Potential for $2000 Australian Dollars + 10% GST for Australian clients.

Please contact us to purchase a report or discuss your specific requirements.