• App

  • May 2014


TaxiGuard is a revolutionary iPhone app that is there for you, anywhere in the world, acting as a big brother and keeping an independent track of your movements, whenever you tell it to. All information is uploaded into the cloud – it is not stored in your phone. It remains confidential and PIN protected unless you hit the PANIC button, or fail to hit the END of TRIP button on time.

The Problem:

Walter Analytics was brought in to develop a digital marketing strategy for Taxi Guard to launch the application.

Walter Analytics was able to provide online marketing consultation to validate the various ideas that the Taxi Guard team were considering to launch the product.

The Strategy:

By recommending a series of validation tests, Walter Analytics enabled Taxi Guard stakeholders to make quantitative backed decisions on what marketing tactics to employ, and what further features to roll out.

Recommendations were written in such a way that they could be understood by decision makers, and explained in further meetings.


The recommendations extended across paid and free online channels, including search engines, social media channels, and a mobile advertising strategy. TaxiGuard is implementing recommendations and is looking forward to achieving user growth through a measurable and sustainable user acquisition strategy.