• June 2016


The Client

SpotJobs is the one of the largest employment websites in Australia that lists entry to mid-level part-time and permanent jobs throughout Australia. SpotJobs has some of Australia’s largest employers such as KFC, Telstra and Apple as their clients plus thousands of smaller businesses.

The Challenge

With ongoing marketing campaigns including national television, outdoor, sports sponsorship, and digital, SpotJobs sought out the help of Walter Analytics to analyse and understand what was working to drive new website registrations from these various campaigns and mediums.


Detailed understanding of website analytics and optimisation opportunities.
To identify high-performing marketing campaigns for both online and offline channels
Provide analysis and recommendations in a summarised format for management to review and make decisions on further investment

Our Solution

Walter Analytics undertook a detailed 12-month Google Analytics analysis which included specific recommendations covering the main advertising channels for both online and offline mediums. A proposal was prepared and presented outlining improvements including the time and financial cost. The presentation included an analysis of TV commercials and their impact on traffic and registrations to the website.

Walter Analytics collaborated with the SpotJobs team for three months to implement a number of recommendations from the initial report and improve the digital marketing performance.


Improved measurement and understanding of signup process after the implementation website optimisations
High performing marketing campaigns enabled SpotJobs to focus marketing spend on such campaigns
Implementation of several changes to the existing website
Further measurement was added to track the website user behaviour in more detail
A re-focus of marketing spends lead to a higher number of website registrations overall