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  • June 2016

Melbourne HR

The Client

Melbourne HR provides human resources outsourcing and consultancy for small businesses and startups.

The Challenge

As a relatively company venturing into the B2B consulting space, it can be difficult to build the business outside of existing contacts. Melbourne HR approached Walter Analytics to lift off their marketing and generate more leads to the company.


To reach out to potential clients through paid advertising including LinkedIn and Google AdWords.
To improve existing campaigns that had been created to date.
To work towards a profitable acquisition cost for new clients in the B2B space

Our Solution

Walter Analytics suggested Melbourne HR purchase the AdWords coaching program. Under the coaching program, we scheduled three in-person sessions to go through the existing campaigns and planned to implement improvements. Phone calls in between meetings to discuss results and optimisations supported this coaching program.


Our improved campaigns performed significantly better than the old campaigns had achieved.
Melbourne HR began receiving several new leads on a weekly basis and was able to turn a number leads up or down by adjusting the budgets.