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  • May 2014

Leadership Rewired

Leadership Rewired is an online leadership training course. Leadership Rewired is all about leadership skills, principles and systems, helping you to refine and build your vision of a sustainable world, and giving you what you need to get your project, campaign or organisation off the ground. Leadership Rewired is developed by Center for Sustainability Leadership.

The Problem:

Walter Analytics was brought in to develop a user acquisition strategy for Leadership Rewired.

Leadership Rewired wanted to invest into growing its user base through a quantitative measurable strategy.

The Strategy:

Walter Analytics completed an audit of the external facing pages of the Rewired program, andwireframe-walteranalytics undertook a research phase which determined appropriate external websites that could assist Leadership Rewired in obtaining user registrations.

Walter Analytics recommended a number of internal and external changes to increase conversion rate and increase the number of users on the platform.


Walter Analytics delivered a report of recommendations to Rewired, including W
ireframes, likely conversion rate increases, and a suggested marketing budget allocation based on the research done on user acquisition. Rewired is looking to implement these recommendations in the near future.