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  • November 2015

Cool Australia

Cool Australia org is a non-for-profit organisation that provides sustainability focused educational tools to teachers and students at no cost. They have a vision encompassing that every Australian student will leave school with a clear understanding and their own vision of how they can positively impact the future of our natural world.
Cool Australia in 2014, in partnership with Walter Analytics, implemented several digital changes in line with conversion optimisation and user acquisition. The goal was to see measurable increases in conversion based on key metrics from their 2014 Enviro-Week campaign.

Cool Australia’s Objectives

Provide an insight into how changes the registration and handling of user information can be optimized

Walter Analytics Strategy

With a focus on user optimisation, we conducted an Analytics Audit to understand how conversion rates were affected by the digital strategies Cool Australia used in their campaign. Using eye-tracking tools, we were able to map visual site paths, studying the behaviour and intentions of users.

Our Recommendations:

Provide clearer content to help simplify registration to increase conversion
Re-design form sequences to improve the ability for Google Analytics to provide clearer data on form abandonment
Investigate website and server speed
Use Google Analytics to segment audience for personalised email campaigns


Increase in quantitatively backed open and click through email rates
A full time marketing manager was hired to help Cool Australia continuously optimise marketing strategies

We are still working together with Cool Australia on a monthly consulting basis involving digital marketing campaigns.



Cool Australia’s Marketing Manager Matthew discusses how analytics have influenced their digital marketing decisions in 2014 with an outlook for next year.


Being on top of digital trends and understanding analytical data is hugely important for Cool Australia in ensuring that we continue to meet the needs of Australian educators who frequent our website. Cool Australia constantly seeks to understand how we can better serve visitors on our website through the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data collected from our users. This constant analysis and reporting allows us to ensure that we continue to improve and optimize our website and content, always working towards providing a superior user experience.

Our greatest achievement in digital marketing for 2014 has been an increase in our goal conversions three-fold over the previous year.

2015 is shaping up to be a very exciting year with a range of website and marketing programs to be rolled out as the follow on from data analysis and testing conducted throughout the past year. This analysis of website data has allowed us to plan our website content and marketing programs more accurately than ever before. We are convinced that our digital strategy for 2015 will result in greater engagement and user satisfaction compared to previous years.