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  • May 2014

Arabica Roasters

Arabica Roasters Company is a Wholly Foreign Owned Venture based in Beijing which was founded in 1994 by three long-term foreign residents of Beijing.
The first specialty coffee roasting company in mainland China, Arabica Roasters has acquired the reputation of being a top-quality coffee and coffee services provider for customers all over greater China.

The Problem:

Arabica Roasters wanted to increase the visibility of their website in search engines in the Chinese search market (Baidu) to reach coffee drinkers and buyers.

The Strategy:

Walter Analytics undertook a search audit and created a report to recommend website structure changes and technical changes to increase visibility in search.

Walter Analytics also provided a list of high value websites to obtain links from and recommended a content strategy.


Arabica Roasters has used the recommendations of Walter Analytics in a website rebuild which is due to be completed in late 2013.